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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 9, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon." on your side. afternoon, i am alison starling. today d.c.'s mayor is speaking out. he is firing back against accusations of a potential voting scandal days before the
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mayoral primary. this was uncovered by us first and suzanne kennedy is live with the latest. >> the mayor is 5 days out from this election and virtually the only issue that he was questioning this morning was whether his campaign paid people for their some people claim they were promised jobs paying $100 per day if they voted for the matter. voters cast their ballot but the jobs and money never materialized. workers at campaign headquarters yesterday said they had gotten many calls complaining about this. they said there were no jobs to offer. here is what the mayor had to say that . >> [no audio] >> he had to say that there
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were not specific details about it and in regard to who was the campaign worker came toward and asked -- and gave them that information that he would deal with it. he says training is given to their employees. the mayor said this is absolutely a practice that is not accepted and illegal. as for the vincent gray campaign, they said this is a widespread practice and they are calling for an fbi investigation. we will continue to follow that story throughout the day. in other news, two women remained hospitalized with serious injuries. a driver from mitchellville maryland is facing criminal charges. she slammed into a restaurant in adams morgan pamela brown has the latest.
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>> he was standing outside his apartment building last night as he watched mayhem on fall. >> it was like slow motion in your eye could see the car speeding up and losing control. time to hit the bricks. >> the impact in the car crash sounded like a bomb went off that everybody in the store jumped. we were next door and it sounded like the wall was coming down. >> the 23-year-old was behind the wheel of the 2007 dodge charger that ran over the median at 18th and florida. it struck two pedestrians after plowing into the restaurant. she was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault that alcohol is a factor. >> one woman went to the air.
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i went inside to call 911. >> the owner of the popular ethiopian restaurant watched the crash from across the street. he says that despite the damage, he feels great fall off because no one was inside at the time of the crash. >> nobody was inside. i was out, my wife was out. i am happy. >> i hope the girls who have been heard will be all right then of the accident is still under investigation. police are looking into how fast the woman was going at the time of the crash. she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. also today, three children and two adults are being checked out after a school bus crash this morning in northeast d.c. this happened when the bus was carrying special needs children from the national children's center. emf workers describe the
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victims' injuries as minor. you should expect delays in that area today. fairfax county police are looking into what happened in an accident that said nine people to the hospital. a van and suv collided at 9:00 9:00 p.m.. there is no word on the conditions of the victims. firefighters in baltimore had their hands full last night. flames tore through row homes on both sides of the street and high winds shop lives as high as 30 feet into the air. all 11 homes burnt and one was vacant. at least two people are dead today after flooding caused by the remnants of tropical storm hermine. the rest of the storm moved through texas and the floodwaters washed away cars and homes. that system spawned another round -- of violent weather. it was caught on live tv in the
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dallas area. >> you can see right there there is a total edit on the ground. >> there we go. >> one of the twisters touched down in an industrial area, collapsing buildings and tossing trucks around. three other tornadoes were reported in parts of north texas yesterday. thankfully, a much, seen around our area today. adam caskey is here with a look at the first forecast. you were using the word christmas this morning> we will probably feel more chill till this morning -- tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, we should be down to the mid-50's. that will feel kind of chilly outside. we could use a few showers we don't have been a raid in the cards until maybe sunday. a lot of sun signed now and very
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dry as well with low humidity. the dew point is in the mid to upper 40's. -burn is at --ashburn is 61 degrees. upper 70's for high temperatures but very breezy. we will see you in a few minutes. this is out of iran. iran says it will be releasing one of the three americans jailed in iran. this will happen on saturday. reporters got a text message today telling them to come to the same hotel where the americans parents were allowed to visit them. they will be able to witness the release. the three american students have been held in prison for more than one year and have never actually been charged with a crime and there is no word on which one of them will be released. we are two days away from market nine years since 9/11 carried across the country,
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tensions are running high. for the first time, the u.s. president is weighing in over plans by one pastor in florida to burn the qur'an. >> president obama says one man and his plan to burn copies of the koran could risk the security of the nation. >> this is a recruitment bonanza for al-qaida. >> the president and government leaders were read the burning will endanger troops abroad and encourage violence on u.s. soil. the fbi is said to have a high confidence in a \. >> this is a destructive act that he is engaging in. >> despite the warning, terry jones will lead to a congregation of 30 says he will go forward. >> the burning of the car run is to call it -- of the koran is to call attention that something is wrong. >> dissenters around plans to build a -- an islamic center two
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blocks from where ground zero is. >> if we moved from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse that of family members of those who lost their lives 911 disagreed. >> to me, the solution is for the imam to say this is in memory of all those people and as a gift to new york, we will think about our plans to build in another location. >> several groups in our area are trying to educate people of all states on the koran. one group will be handing out copies of the qur'an through the end of the week. a high seas clash between pirates and marine commandos today -- the navy says marines took back control of a ship that was being held by pirates off the coast of somalia. nine pirates were taken prisoner and it happened without the marines firing one shot.
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marines are patrolling the african coast to fight piracy. gop candidate bob ehrlich cast his ballot in the republican primary in maryland for the former governor cast an early voting ballot in annapolis. he is hoping for a november rematch against incumbent democrat martin o'malley in prince george's county, boaters and leaders came together to protest sleazy boating -- election tactics that we must fight for the november election. >> there is this kind of hatred and hostility that has been spread around. >> the group gathered today and said that fliers being handed out by service employees union seiu, are attacking a number of candidates. they said the documents look like sample ballots and confuse voters and the sheriff's department is now investigating. a top aide to a democratic
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senator is out of a job after a marijuana bust on capitol hill. capitol police said they stopped the man during a security check on tuesday. officers said he was trying to hide pot in his pocket. er tos a senior staff oth barbara boxer. election day is less than two months away. the commander-in-chief says he knows the economy could be bad for his party. >> if the election is a referendum on people satisfied about the economy, we will not do well. i think everybody feels this economy needs to do better than it has been doing. >> the president said that his party should be able to keep control of congress if people look at what democrats stand for. some good news today for the nation's unemployed workers -- the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in
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two months. new claims plunged last week to 450,000. it is a sign that companies are cutting back on their leg off. last week, the government reported that the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.6% in august. >> coming up, hundreds of colorado family's head back to find out what is left of their homes and their neighborhoods after wildfires tore through their grip d.c. schools that stand out from the pack -- we will tell you which ones. plus, safety in disguise -- are new rules finally on the way for retired pilots? finally, it is still beautiful out separate adam caskey will be back
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we are following breaking news out of northern virginia. fairfax county firefighters are on the scene of a fire in a herndon neighborhood. newschopper7 shows these live images. investigators say the fire started in a shed and eventually spread to four town how desperate we don't know how the fire started at the moment or if anyone was hurt. northern virginia man is taking a custody fight to the supreme court. he says his daughter was adopted and taken to utah without his permission. he says his girlfriend gave birth last year without telling him. she put the baby up for adoption and the says that was in violation of federal parental kidnapping laws. out in colorado, the sum of evacuees are heading home today. they will find out if their houses were among more than 135 destroyed by a raging canyon fire. authorities said residents may
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be evacuated again of the danger arises the fire is only 10% contained at the moment. fires raged for four days. four people are still unaccounted for. >> let's switch gears and talk about the d.c. area and the fall-like weather we are experiencing today. this is an indication of what is to, especially for football season. >> we were talking about tailgating this morning. get a look at the weatherbug network. there is a time lapse of the sun rise over the bay. total sunshine out there with not a cloud in the sky. in the metro area, we are starting to see them develop.
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75 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point is only 45 which makes it dry. the wind gusted up to 35 miles per hour. we are 15 degrees cooler at this time today than we were yesterday this is thanks to the cold front that moved through yesterday. wind gusts are not quite as high as they were yesterday but you still feel that silver spring is at 70 degrees and woodbridge is 70 degrees. we are right around and the lower 70's. let's go to the maps. we got this in about half an hour ago and the wheat pollen is in the higher range. everything else is on below end. 96 was the high temperature yesterday at reagan national airport. that makes it the 52nd 90-degree day so far this year.
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67 is the record for 90-degree days. 91 is the average high temperature and it looks like we will be well below average this afternoon with ties mainly in the upper 70's and a few degrees cooler come tomorrow. we are still employed by high pressure behind the cold front that came through yesterday. that will be replaced by a new storm system which hours at a that that is developing in the midwest. as it pushes our way, it could pick up some moisture and toss that our way and give us a chance for showers by sunday. tonight at 11:00 p.m., 67 degrees and not quite as windy, clear and comfortable tomorrow morning but chilly in the low 50's. high temperatures will be in the mid-70's tomorrow and rising for saturday. on sunday, i wish we could say it was a rainy day. however, it looks like about a
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40% chance. education secretary arne duncan announce the winners of the national blue ribbon school awards. school without walls on g street is more -- is one of more than 300 winners. students achieve that by levels or made significant progress toward closing their achievement gap. police in gaithersburg want to crack down on aggressive driving. the police have launched an online reporting website and people can report violations of traffic laws by submitting an online form. >> coming up, a medical nightmare -- hundreds of women given the wrong results on their mammograms per it will tell you about the worker behind it all. later today on oprah, a super model naomi campbell opens up about her lack of controversy at
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an outrageous story out of georgia -- a hospital worker is accused of intentionally submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women. she is one of the affected -- affected patients. she was in shock when she learned that results from a two- year-old mammogram were incorrect. investigators say the radiology technician is responsible them up for reasons unknown, she was taking the mammograms and entering the results herself. >> and she always entered negative? >> that's correct them up she
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processed nearly 1300 mammograms and 10 of those women have been told they have cancer. she is charged with reckless conduct and computer fraud. she faces up to 160 years in prison. a new report says fewer people are dying on the nation's highways. it says 34,000 people died on the nation's roads in 2009 which is down nearly 10% from 2008. that is the lowest number of debts cents 1950. better seat belt use and crackdown on drunk drivers helped. the government is proposing new rules governing the number of hours that airline pilots -- pilots by work. this comes in response to last year's deadly plane crash outside buffalo, new york. the faa has taken 15 months to propose the rules and final action could still be months down the road. historic hospital in
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maryland is on the market. glendale hospital shut down back in the 1980's. does a 22-building site in prince george's county that opened. the new owners will return part of that campus into a retirement home and the rest will be four recreation. the final bid will be tuesday and so far we hear there are no offers. >> still ahead, adam caskey
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing.
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he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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it seems everyone has an opinion on the d.c. race for mayor, even the city's area residents. man's best friend got to cast a ballot. this is called a paw poll. challenger vincent gray got most of the bus for the official winner will be announced tomorrow on the spca's website. why not let them get involved? it is a good day to take the dogs for what? >> it is just perfect it is a little breezy. otherwise, a lot of sunshine and very loud humidity. we have not had rain in about 17 days. we could use some showers and it does not look like we will get -- will get some until sunday. >> it has been that long?
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all right, have a great day.
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